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What is Diploma in Stock Trading (DSTO)

Diploma in Stock Trading is a  short term ( 2 – 3 Months) course for those who want to learn stock market from root level. After completion this course participants get expertise in  online stock trading so that they can get good return from their portfolio.  We help investors to understand how to became a rising start of the developing Stock market trading in India.  House wives, Retired person and working professional can easily earn on daily basis after share market training by our professional trader.

Students who wish to make career in stock market will be prepared for NISM / SEBI certification during this course. On behalf of these certification they can start their own Sub Broking business as well as Job also. India is having only 3 cr. Demat account till now  and half of them is dormat a/c, which is less than 5 % of the total population of the country, only few people having knowledge about BFSI industry. BFSI required huge no. of people who have experience / knowledge in this field. The students of this signature course will get to understand the beliefs, principles, strategies and psychology of some of the successful and eminent Investors and Traders like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, William o Neil, Edward & Maggie and John Murphy. As this course is specially designed idolising the valuable and great work done by them in this field.

Who Can Join

  • Graduate
  • Post Graduate
  • Management students
  • House wife
  • Retired People
  • Stock Broker
  • Mutual Funds Houses
  • Banker
  • Investor / Trader / Hedger

What You Will Get After Joining

  • Free Demat A/c
  • Free Online Trading Software for life time
  • Free Mobile App for life time
  • Free TA Software for one month
  • 4 Books
  • 4 PPTs
  • Live Case Studies
  • One Year  Fee Validity

* Any One who is having interest in Financial Market

Fee Structure

CourseFees Duration
Complete Course40,000+GST 2-3 Months
35,000+GST (One Time Payment)2-3 Months

* Note: SEBI & NISM Examination Certification Fee Is Extra.

Modules Covered

Equity Market

  • Introduction to Indian capital Market
  • What is Primiry and Secondary Market
  • Basic Pros & Cons of Capital Market
  • How to buy / Sell Shares using trading software
  • Legal Framework of the market
  • How to use stop loss during Intraday trading
  • What to do and don`t in the market
  • How to start Trading / Investment
  • How to make good portfolio using divesification rule
  • How brokerage and taxes can be calculated
  • Live trading exposure with case study
  • Regulating framwork in India and Investors protection
  • Investors Grievances and SEBI guidelines
  • Various free knowledge sharing resources and best books for investor

Derivatives Market

  • Introduction to Equity Derivatives
  • Basic Trading rules of Derivatives market
  • What is future and options market
  • Trading overview of Derivatives Market
  • Clearing and settlement of Derivatives contract
  • Legal Framework of working in F&O market
  • How to use Derivatives as a profit making tools
  • How to make Options Trading strategies
  • How to Hedge portfolio using Derivatives
  • How to calculate brokegare in future and options
  • What to do and don’t
  • How to rollover the position for next month
  • How to coordinate with global commodity market
  • Clearing and settlement procedure
  • Basic rules and regulations of Trading
  • What to do and don`t

Commodity/Currency Market

  • Introduction to Commodity & Currency Derivatives
  • Basic rule of trading in volatile market
  • How to maintain MTM in market
  • How to link commodity & currency market with Equity market
  • Legal Framework of market
  • Basic rule regulation of the commodity & currency market
  • What are regulatory guidelines
  • How to start Trading in world’s longest market
  • How brokerage can be calculated

Technical Analysis

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Japanese Candlestick Charts
  • Dow Theory and it Tenets & Criticism of Dow theory
  • Analysis of Different Trends in Markets
  • Support and Resistance and its effective uses
  • Percentage Retracements
  • Major Reversal Patterns : Head and Shoulders, Inverted Head and Shoulders, Double and Triple Bottoms, Rounded Bottoms
  • Major Continuation Patterns : Triangles, Flags and Pennants, Flags and Pennants etc.
  • Volume and Open Interest
  • Combining Option Sentiments with Technical
  • Long Term charts Vs EOD Charts
  • Moving Averages and its uses for buying and selling signal
  • Oscillators ( RSI, MACD, Stochastics, etc)
  • Combing Fundamental Analysis with Technical Analysis

* Any One who is having interest in Financial Market

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