Major Stock Exchange in the world

What is Stock Exchange:-
Stock Exchange is a platform where listed securities are traded. Investors who want to buy and sell the shares put their orders online and when orders match with price and quantity executed. India have 2 major stock exchange in Equity segment name NSE & BSE.

Stock Exchange are pvt entity promoted by corporate players, mnc companies etc. There are two kind of method where stock are working the first one is equal share for all companies in index calculation. Second is as per the market capitalization of the companies.

Indian Stock exchange are using market capital formula to calculate the exchange level.
National Stock `Exchange is running a index name Nifty which is computing on top 50 companies in the market. TCS is the biggest one having market cap of more than 7 lakh crores that is equal to whole companies register in Karachi stock exchange.

Bombay Stock Exchange is running Sensex as a index which is calculating on behalf of the top 30 companies. Sensex is a oldest stock exchange in Asia and top in no. of listed companies in the world.
Stock exchange around the world is working approx 06:30 hours in all country.

ISFM – Best Stock Market School have collected list of major stock exchange opening and closing time as per Indian Standard Time zone. Only few stock exchange having lunch time during trading hours.

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