What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Now a days everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence – AI and its effects on our life. So today ISFM – Best Stock Market School is decoding AI, how its going to change our life and how it will impact our investment in stock market. What kind of opportunities it will create for us in future.

What is Artificial Intelligence : –

AI means getting the things done by machines only which historical required by man power. It is computer power planning, logic, functioning, learning on a certain circumstances which can be set by human and will work accordingly.
AI is computer science techniques which give software more power to do the thing automatically.
AI has a great power to change in our life, business and work environment. Like 100 year ago electricity reforms the market same AI will do in this modern era.

Why Everyone is Excited for AI :

                                      The disruption of an ever−greater number of industry verticals has arguably never been higher due to the growing influence of both cloud computing and the rise or early adoption of artificial intelligence.


‘Every industry that mankind created will be redefined,’ is how Masayoshi Son, the CEO of    
 Japan’s Soft bank , describes AI.
  Google and Baidu already has invested $ 9 billion investment in this field as per estimated by Mckinsey & Co.

How AI think like a human mind : –

Consider a basic AI system.
Let’s say it has three levers to pull (neurons) to come up with a yes or no
answer − or in binary−speak, a 1 or 0. The AI system wants to determine if a photo is an image of an apple or a banana. It might establish certain facts:

1) Is the object in the picture round?
2) Is the object in the picture yellow?
3) Does the object in the picture have a separate stem?

If the photo was of a banana the AI system would respond with no, yes, no. If the photo is an apple it would answer yes, no, yes. In the binary language of digital communications this
would translate as 010 for the banana, and 101 for an apple.
AI systems can be exponentially more complex than this example. Extrapolate this concept across thousands, millions or billions of yes / no questions and you have the basis for a super smart AI system capable of learning to predict customer preferences, detect fraud, fight computer viruses, conduct life−saving diagnoses, and recognise handwriting.

How it will affect the life and business :

What is Future potential :

If any mutual fund in India start fund for AI investment it would be a great opportunity for investment. It might also be startup company also. So search for it. AI has such far−reaching potential that it is tough to envisage any industry that will not be somehow shaken up by emerging AI applications, especially now that data collection is becoming so easy and useful.

For example :- Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) is reported to be very enthusiastic about AI
technology, saying sensors are cheap and can be used to monitor performance.
UK companies such as aero−engineer Rolls-Royce (RR.),
pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), UK−listed miners, banks and energy suppliers are also obvious potential beneficiaries of AI applications.

This may suggest that the best investment returns won’t necessarily come from AI application designers, but from those companies.

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