Stock Market Mechanism Seminar

Everyone want a better life in future but only few people are able to do in real life. Not because of they are not working hard but because of they don’t have financial knowledge. ISFM -Best Stock Market School in Gurgaon organized seminar on ” Financial Literacy & Awareness” in K.R Mangalam University campus.

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Financial Literacy & Awareness brief

How to Make Career in Banking and Financial Services industry.

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Stock Market Mechanism & Career_KR Mangalam

Many reputed global organizations have conducted “Financial Literacy Surveys” in India over last few
years. India was ranked 23 rd among 28 countries surveyed across the world and last among the 16
Asian countries surveyed. Key highlights of these surveys are as follows:

1. 76% of adult Indians do not adequately understand key financial concepts
2. Only 14% understood risk diversification
3. Only 14% of the Indians saved with a formal financial institution
4. Only 33% of the Indians are putting aside money for retirement
5. 45% of the participants feel that it is better to spend money on enjoying life
than saving for retirement

As Indian economy evolves and market forces continue to increase the range and the complexity of
the financial products, individuals have to upgrade their understanding of “basic money
management, Financial Planning and Investments.”

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