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Retail Operation And Management

The Indian Organised Retail market has been ranked the second most attractive emerging market for investment after Vietnam. The Indian retail industry is estimated to be worth Rs 13-14 lakh crore in FY 2008. The Indian retail sector is highly fragmented in nature. The penetration of Organised Retail in the Indian market is much below the levels in other countries.

Organised Retail, valued at Rs 96,500 crore in 2008, accounts for around 5% of the total retail market10. Organised Retail has been growing at an impressive rate of 35% to 40% annually in the last few years compared to 9%-10% growth in the overall retail industry.

Scope In Retailing

The growth of Organised Retail would be driven by increasing penetration of Organised Retail from current levels of 4% to 5% in 2008 to over 20% to 25% by 2022. Even in the medium term, this would be reflected in the required/expected increase in retail space from about 30 million sq. ft. in 2006 to about 500 million sq. ft. by 2013. Organised Retail is projected to grow from Rs. 96,500 crore. (US $ 19 billion) in 2008 to Rs.17,36,000 crore (US $ 347 to 350 billion) in 2022.
On analysing the current levels of retail space and the projected growth, it is expected that the human resource requirement would increase from the current levels of about 0.3 million to about 17.6 million by 2022, leading to an incremental employment opportunity of about 17.3 million persons.

Retail is a vast industry, In future some area would be special in demand:-
1. Store Operation and Manager
2. Merchandising & Logistic
3. Grocery retail
4. Apparel retail


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