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Personal Finance

ISFM is an educational foundation dedicated to providing quality and unbiased education, information, research data and instruction to financial industry professionals, market users, investors and academia. ISFM is a pioneer institute in the field of financial market education, certifications, mentoring programs, training and development workshops. ISFM offers independent study and exam preparatory materials in print and computer based formats. Instructor led seminars, webinars and customized in house training and research data.

We are devoted to the cause of financial services industry and take pride in development of new and expanded educational materials, training programs and market data. Apart from education, ISFM today, stands as the premiere in financial knowledge services and is one of its kinds, financial knowledge link between the markets and the end users.

Retail investor always look for high return but less risk instrument in the market. Due to this some player in the market cheat them and lapse their hard core money. We help to retail investor get self reliance on decision taking by giving our prestige services.

Credit Counselling

A common man in India is saving 30% of its income but due to lack of knowledge he or she not able to get good return on his investment. We believe if we can provide right information to right candidate on right time then he can grow and can get financial freedom.

Even India Govt. are trying to spread the awareness in this area and started so many awareness program, scheme for financial inclusion.

Investor are not putting their money in to authorised source in spite of govt. efforts. We at ISFM help retail investor to

  • How to meet their Financial goal.
  • How much amount they exactly need.
  • How to make Financial Planning and How to overcome the gaps.
  • What are the authorised source of investment.
  • How to convert Saving in to Investment.
  • How to restructure the debt.
  • Money saving ideas for life.
  • What to do and don`t in the market.
  • How to resolved the grievance with financial institution.
  • How to take benefits of different govt. schemes.

Project Preparationl

We are bound to provide quality education on financial education to our participant. Financial education is new era in India. Financial industry is in infant stage and the regulators are trying to start this education in to school curriculum and college also. CBSE board already start this education in its schools. We help students, participant to prepare different assignment on stock market and its entities.


Rashmi Pushkar
Best Institute to learn stock market training in Gurgaon
Varun Aggarwal
This is best institute for stock market course.
Rama Aggarwal
ISFM is a very nice place to learn about derivatives market. Its best place to build your career in stock market. Faculty is experienced , helpful and cooperative.
Satish Kumar
Very best & cooperative institute
Pooja Chauhan
Thanks to ISFM to trained in stock market, Now I feel my career is bright and I feel independent
Raksha kumari
The way they teach us it's very nice ...about any Query any questions they are always welcome and get it clear
Devendra Singh
Great experience with live market stock trading
Smriti Anand
Awesome experience . enthusiastic teachers, new techniques and an inspiring learning atmosphere. I had a great time and I learnt a lot through out the course. I am thankful to Sushil sir and Anil sir for all their support and guidance
Vikas Yadav
Hello everyone. I am a final year DU LLB student. I always had this curiosity to learn more about the share market. I searched a lot nd finally found this institute. The course consisted of more of practical knowledge than theoretical
Dinesh Gupta
Hi, I joined institute to know basic knowledge about equity as a investor. During training I came to know lot of other way if equity market which is out of knowledge by a common man. …
Gaurav Shrama
Very good institute for all your share market related topics and queries. Recommended
Sachin Gupta
Akshya Yadav
Bhumesh Sir
Best stock market school to learn share market training in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR
Monika Kaushish
Technical method is very good. Great teaching and communication.
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