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Money Saving Ideas In life

1 Never borrow fund to entertainment or luxury items.
2 Open your R.D a/c with your bank or post office.
3 Always take calculated risk for your money.
4 Avoid to go for first movie show on first day. Same film you can see on another day.
5 Try to avoid buying new car and phone buy from user, you may get 40% cheaper.
6 Make you budget in the beginning of the month and be strictly for that.
7 When you have desire to buy a luxury item then invest the same money in any securities.
8 Buy clothes only on discount day, special day. You will get the them 50% cheaper.
9 Use all customer activity where you can get free reward.
10 Buy things online and use promotion code to avail the discount.
11 Must open a Demat a/c and buy share of blue chips company frequently.
12 Always try to find the passive income source in your life: referral income etc.
13 Use public transport if possible whenever go for out of home, town etc.
14 Avoid fast food it is also not good for health as well as for wealth.
15 Never buy costly books, movies vcd etc. because a lot is available on the internet free of cost.
16 Recharge online, pay online your bill of mobile, data card etc to get discount.
17 Book you ticket in advance if it is possible and you can get great discount.
18 Don’t pay extra money to buy lucky number for mobile, bike, car etc. because it is just a superstitious.
19 Believe in simple living and high thinking it will give you inner peace as well as cost saving life schedule.
20 Use daily Yoga and Meditation it will help you keep aside from doctor.

What to do in Market

1 Read the Prospectus/ Abridged Prospectus.
2 Use the ASBA (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) process for applying IPOs/FPOs.
3 Transact only through SEBI-recognised stock exchanges.
4 Before investing, check the credentials of the company, its management, fundamentals and recent announcements made by them.
5 Give clear and unambiguous instructions to your broker/sub-broker/ depository participant.
6 Issue cheques/drafts only in the trade name of the broker.
7 In case you are not transacting frequently, use the freezing facility in your demat account.
8 Be aware of the risks associated with derivatives in the market.
9 In case of disputes with sub-broker, inform the main broker about the dispute within 6 months.
10 Familiarise yourself with the rules, regulations and circulars issued by the stock exchanges/SEBI before carrying out any transactions.

What don`t

1 Don`t follow rumours or illusory advertisements. High return in short time is impossible.
2 Don`t invest based on the prevailing bull run of the market index.
3 Don`t undertake off-market transactions in securities.
4 Don`t forget to take account of the potential risks that are involved in the investment.
5 Don`t blindly follow investment advice given on TV channels/websites/SMS
6 Don`t leave signed blank Delivery Instruction Slips of your demat account lying around.
7 Don`t start trading in derivatives unless you have understood the Risk Disclosure Documents.
8 Don`t undertake deals on behalf of others..
9 Don`t get carried away by luring advertisements.
10 Don`t go daily trading trend use positional trade.
11 Don`t trade on any product without knowing the risk and rewards associated with it.

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