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Technical & Fundamental

Fundamental Analysis

It is the practice of studying fundamentals of a company to determine if a business is a good investment. It involves studying financial statements such as balance sheet, P&L and Cash flow statement. It attempts to determine whether the company is financially sound or will it continue to earn till perpetuity or not.

Fundamental Analysis is very popular for long term investment around the world and investor always try to find out hidden fact from balance sheet, P&L statement etc. ISFM design Fundamental Analysis Training course in Gurgaon with the helps of expert trainer. Our trainer share the live industry experience with participant so that they can get confidence to trade.


  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis 
  • Top Down v/s Bottom Down Approach
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Value Stocks v/s Growth Stocks
  • Reading Balance sheet and Income Statements like Market Professionals
  • Different ways to calculate Intrinsic value of a Stock.
  • Choosing Value stocks from successful Market experts like Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham

  • Choosing growth Stocks like from Successful Market experts like Peter Lynch and William Neil
  • Combing Technical Analysis with Fundamental Analysis
  • Using excels to Make Fundamental Analysis more easy, accurate and precise.
  • Use of Excel to do Fundamental Analysis more accurately and Easily
  • Stock Screening process

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is an art of recording usually in graphic form the actual history of trading (price, changes, volume of transactions etc.) in a certain stock or in the averages and then deducing from that pictured history the portable future trend. Technical analysts do not attempt to measure a security’s intrinsic value, but instead use charts and other tools to identify patterns that can suggest future activity.

Modern trader believe in Technical Analysis  Training to trade in the live market because of so many reason and top most reason is limitation of Fundamental Analysis. We are not able to identify difference between rumor and fact so we need support of technical analysis where we can confirm buying and selling trend by volume, open interest and many more indicators.


  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Dow Theory and it Tenets
  • Trend Analysis
  • Support and Resistance
  • Percentage Retracements
  • Reversal Days
  • Price Gaps
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Major Reversal Patterns
  • Head and Shoulders
  • Inverted Head and Shoulders
  • Double and Triple Bottoms
  • Double and Triple Bottoms
  • Rounded Bottoms
  • Island Reversals
  • Continuation Patterns

  • Triangles
  • Broadening Formations
  • Flags and Pennants
  • Wedge Formation
  • Rectangles
  • Conclusions with live examples
  • Combining Option Sentiments with Technicals
  • Moving Averages
  • Discipline to Trading and Money Management
  • Combing Fundamental Analysis with Technical Analysis
  • Oscillators (RSI, MACD, STOCHSTICS etc)

Fee Structure

CourseFees DurationHRS
Complete Course24,000+GST (In Installment)1 Month30-40
21,600+GST (One Time Payment)1 Month30-40
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