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Investor Awareness Program (IAP)

We belive that education is the real weapon for investor. A educated investor can fight with inflation and also can contribute to the development of the society. Once we get the knowledge of money, how its work then we can build empower of the wealth. Really a educated and active investor is a protected investor.

Securities & Exchange Board of India, regulator of capital market in India has mandated for all the AMC to spend 2 bps of their entire corpus for investor education. SEBI has also given instruction to AMC not to sell / advertise any product during these session.

ISFM Staffing and Training working as a implementing agency to conducting seminar / workshop on behalf the AMC in north India. We are having dedicated team of Financial Trainer who are expert to deliver Investor Awareness Program for various target group. We work on ground reality and finding venues where actual education is required, because due to lack of knowledge in rural and sub urban areas some ponzy scheme holder are active in the market and they are cheating the investor.

We help the investor to resolve the grievances by using right platform of their complaint. We have conducted more than 400 Investor Awareness Program since 2012 in north zone of our country and having great liaising . Currently only few people are investing in securities market but due to SEBI’S efforts penetration is going high day by day. Now a days some educational board / university also start securities market as a additional subject that will also help to spread financial education awareness among new generation.

Our Target Groups :-

We are having wide range of the audience and categories below:

1. Young Investor

2. Schools Teachers and College Faculty Members

3. Corporate Employee

4. Retired Workers

5. Working Women

6. Training Center of Govt. and Semi Govt. Organization

7. Defence Services Personal like : Army, Crpf, Police etc.

8. Club and Society Members in Urban and Sub Urban areas.

Note: Workshops conducted by us and study material are free of cost. We never disclose investors investment details to anyone.

How to invite us :-

We are simply availbe with a short notice of 4 working days before actual delivery of the program. We will arrnage required study material for concern group and will deliver free of cost to audience. We assured you that we will not sell / advertise / promote any product during the seminar.

Our Sponsor of Seminars / Workshops :-

ISFM is having wide range of the sponsor who are eagerly waiting to sponsor the Investors Awareness Seminar proposed by us. Our core motive of seminar is to aware the investors from suspicious investment.

Name of few big players in our basket:



3. Franklin Templeton

4. DSP Black Rock

5. Aditya Birla


7. Broda Pioneer

8. Bank of India and many more….

What is Financial Literacy

The National Financial Educators Council defines financial literacy as :

“Possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual`s personal, family and global community goals.”

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works in the world.How someone manages to earn or make it, how that person manages it. he possession of knowledge and understanding of financial matters. Financial literacy is mainly used in connection with personal finance matters. Financial literacy often entails the knowledge of properly making decisions pertaining to certain personal finance areas like real estate, insurance, investing, saving (especially for college), tax planning and retirement. It also involves intimate knowledge of financial concepts like compound interest, financial planning, the mechanics of a credit card, advantageous savings methods, consumer rights, time value of money, etc.

The absence of financial literacy can lead to making poor financial decisions that can have adverse effects on the financial health of an individual. The advantages or disadvantages of variable or fixed rates is an example of an issue that will be easier to understand if an individual is financially literate.

Duration of Workshop

Workshop duration probable would be 2-3 hours but it may be vary due to interest of participant and question session.

Who Can Invite Us For Workshop

Any School, College, University, Organization, Academy, Village Panchyat, Company, Society and Trust those having minimum 50 participant ( it can be more) at their premises.

How They Can Invite

Simply you can put a request with advance notice of 14 days on info@isfm.co.in.cp-11.webhostbox.net (before actual Delivery) to conduct the program. Kindly make sure you must arrange venue for workshop which cost will bear only by you

How we are Doing

Mr. Sushil Alewa is the Certified Trainer of Financial Market and Empanelled trainer of Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) for Gurgaon location in National Financial Literacy Project. With the collaboration of SEBI we are conducting Free Financial Literacy Workshop for different kind of groups like :-

  • School Children
  • College Students
  • Middle income Groups
  • Executives
  • Retirement Planning etc.

Note :- This program is free of cost for School, College, Institution, Corporate, Organization, Society etc. and Study material also provided free of cost to the participant.

Syllabus Covered

Accordingly, SEBI`s financial education program endeavors to impart participants with a better understanding of financial products to equip them to better manage their finances and covers the following topics :

  • Financial Planning
  • Risk Vs. Returns
  • Power of compounding & Time value of money
  • Inflation
  • Investment vehicles : Equity, Commodity, Currency etc.
  • How stock Exchange perform.
  • How Primiry and Secondary market work
  • How online Trading takes place.
  • Investment strategies
  • Savings & investments
  • Asset Allocation strategy
  • Protection related and Borrowing related products
  • Grievance handling procedures.
  • Protection against Fraud scheme
  • What to do and don`t do in the market
  • Regulatory framework of Financial market
  • Career prospect in Financial market.
  • Project on Sebi and Stock Exchange.

As a host institution, you are only required to provide the venue, assure maximum number of attendance by participants and a confirmation letter (of conducting the workshop) at the end of the program.

Therefore, kindly facilitate for this training session within your organization and inform us the date on which you may like to convene this training program in your organization and the number of participants, so that necessary arrangements for the study material etc. can be made at our end.

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