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Magic formula for investment in stock market

Everyone want to know the magic formula to investment in stock market for better return. But only few people are able to find this formula. Rest of the people invest only and only on behalf of advise of other people and they change their adviser time to time and last when they lose the capital […]


How to manage portfolio during bearish market ?

How to manage your portfolio during slowdown or bearish market   Despite the strong govt market is going on down and down now a days. In this slow down what to do with portfolio, it is very critical time for investors because all the sentiments of the market are negatives. If you go deeper in […]


What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Now a days everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence – AI and its effects on our life. So today ISFM – Best Stock Market School is decoding AI, how its going to change our life and how it will impact our investment in stock market. What kind of opportunities it will create for us in […]


Volatility in Stock Market – A Friend or Enemy

Stock Market is very lucrative place to earn the money but when we talk about risk in market it is certainly a big question for investors . If we really see the matter in deep then we will found risk in stock market is nothing but it is actually volatility of price. Volatility of stock […]


Top 10 wealth creators & destroyers stocks

Stock Market is very interesting place because on same time one person think stock price will go upside, and became buyer but on another side second person think stock price will go down side and became seller. What is dilemma here, both person can’t be right on same time. So that people are losing money […]


Economy is not struggling…the business models are changing

Economy is not struggling…the business models are changing. Below is a very interesting insight: Often heard nowadays that ” Indian Economy is struggling “. Sit back & dispassionately think “is the economy really struggling or  are business models struggling ? Some food for thought: 1) Car sales are going down… but Ola / Uber are […]


Short selling opportunity for traders

India’s final budget 2019 have been presented by our honorable finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman.  Even a lot of benefits have been declared for common man and high surcharges for super rich person but the hidden gems that you are unable to see  ISFM – Best Stock Market Training institute in Gurgaon will disclose for all [...]

Top Stock for Next Six Month 2019

Indian voter choose a strong govt which can take decision to  reform in our economy without hassle. History is the live example after a strong govt. share market  always  show a massive growth like in 2014. This time market is going to repeat the story,  So investors must equipped their portfolio with good quality share. [...]

Sensex 40 Years Journey

Why you should read this post. What is Sensex ?  Know the Interesting fact about Sensex. Sensex vs Gold comparison for ROI. Sensex is one of the oldest stock exchange in Asia. Sensex was launch on 1st April 1986 but it base year was chosen 1979 at base value of 100. In 2019 Sensex turn [...]

How to Make Career in Stock Market

How to make career in Stock Market ? How to start business in Stock Market ? Career in Stock Market having vast opportunities in India. Indian Stock Market is developing with passage of time and penetration of stock market is very low as compare to others developing country. You can cross check the fact by [...]
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