What is Wise Investor Program

Indian Investors are greatest saver in the world. They save approx. 30% of Indian GDP and secured 2nd position in the world. But in spite of great saving habit their purchasing power parity is very low because they are not able to convert saving to investment. Although some investors are trying but they face lack of knowledge about authorized investment products in the market and face fraudulent activities by some ponzy scheme.

We are introducing Wise Investor Program which help investor to learn how to invest and learn online stock trading in Gurgaon to grow their hard core money. We trend our students to select right option at right time with right person. It will help investor to take wise decision and make their life more prosperous. This course provides in-depth knowledge of Stock market trading Products along with Live stock Trading Exposure. It equips you to make the right trading cum investment decisions.

Target Audience

Who can Join:

Long Term Investors
Short Term Investors
Positional Trader
Intra Day Trader
House Wives
Business Man
Retired Person
Self Employed
* Note : This course is base on practical agenda only, we cover less theoritical and maximum live trading during study.

Fee Structure and Others Imp details

Per Module : 8000-/- Rupees Only
Complete Course fee : 8000* 4 = 32000-/-(Lum Sum - 28000 -/- inclusive of all tax etc. )
Equity & Derivatives Only : 8000*2 = 16000-/- (Lum Sum - 14000-/-)
Fundamental & Technical : 8000*2 = 16000-/- (Lum Sum - 14000 -/- )
Complete Course Duration : 3 Month (40 - 60 hours )
Equity and Derivatives : 2 Month ( 20 - 30 hours)
Fundamental and Technical : 2 Month (20 - 30 hours)
Time Slot : Flexible, as per demand
Please note: Week days and Weeknd batch
Study Material : Participant will get printed material from institute Note: You can customize your course as per your need from given choices.

Study Area and Content

  • Equity Market: How,When, Why, how much, Where, Which stock to buy / Sell
  • Derivatives Market : For Cheap Trading, More profit, More Expousre, More risk
  • Commodity Market : To Trade in Gold, Silver, Base Metal, Energy & Agri Sector
  • Basic of Technical Analysis : How to Analysis the market reading chart and its history, using tool & techniques
  • Basic Fundamental of Market : To identify the best stock among the market before start trading in that company
  • Principles of Market, Trading, Investment : Best quotes of experience trader / Investors to avoid mistake
  • What do and don`t during trading : Regulators guideline to avoid conflicts in the markets during trading
  • Investor grievances and redressal system: How to complaint any one if cheated by any intermediaries in the market.

Why Wise Investor

  • To manage your portfolio own self.
  • Can start your earning on daily basis just investing small amount.
  • Your existing occupation will not distrub during trading / Investing.
  • To generate your trading tips own self and get confidence in trading.
  • Can accelerate your return in minimum time period.
  • To know the right path , right product and right time of investment

How to Enroll

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You are requested to visit our office to clear any douth rather than phone call, We allowed to interact / meet with our faculty before starting the classes.

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