NCFM Certifications

NCFM stand for NSE`S certification in Financial Market. National Stock Exchange of India is providing certification after successful completion of online test. These are short term job oriented course in financial market. These certificates are available for different market segment. Any can enrol as per requirement or his interest. The major market segment are Equity, Commodity, Currency, Mutual fund etc.

Target Audience


Post Graduate
Management students
* Any one having interest in
Financial Services

Employee of:

Stock broker
Sub broker
Insurance Companies
Mutual Funds houses
NBFC Companies


Teacher, Lecture,
Professor etc
Investors, Trader
High Net worth individual

Placement Scope

  • Stock Brokers
  • Mutual Fund industry
  • Credit Rating Agency
  • Derivative Research
  • Equity Research
  • Banking Sector
  • NBFC companies
  • Insurance Industry
  • Wealth Management Firms
  • Commodity Market
  • Kpo and Bpo Sectors
  • Trainer in Academic
  • Technical Analyst


  1. NSE make mandatory for employee of broking houses to have for market access.
  2. To gain professional expertise in Financial market.
  3. To get practical experience of trading.
  4. To grab quickly job in the financial market.

How to enrol for NCFM Certification

Fee Structure

Per Module : 8000
Duration : 1 Month
Classes : Weekend & Week days
Time slot : Flexible
Study Material : Students will get printed material from institute


After successfully completing the courses students will get Certification from NISM / NSE as well as from ISFM.

Modules Covered

Capital Market (Dealers) Module

  • Introduction to Stock markets
  • Primary & Secondary, I.P.O etc.
  • Trading in Stock markets
  • Clearing & Settlement of trade
  • Regulatory framework of market
  • Structure of Indian Securities mkt
  • Trading membership
  • Fundamental valuation concept

Derivatives Market Module

  • Introduction to Derivative market.
  • How to use Derivative for trading.
  • Understanding its classification.
  • How to make cheap your cost.
  • How to enter Options market.
  • How to trade with F & O combination & get hedge.
  • Understanding the Settlement funda of derivatives market .

Commodities Market Module

  • Foreign exchange Derivatives
  • How to hedge in Commodity market
  • Strategy using Commodity market
  • How to trade online in Commodity market.
  • How to use paper Commodity to safe your storage in future market.
  • How to track International Market
  • Clearing & Settlement of commodity trading

Currency Derivatives Module

  • Introduction to Currency market
  • Foreign exchange Derivatives
  • How to hedge in currency market
  • Strategy using currency market
  • How to trade online in currency market.
  • How to use paper money to safe your transaction in future market.
  • How to convert your money in different kind of currency using exchange
  • Clearing & Settlement of currency trading

Mutual Funds Advanced Module

  • Introduction to MF market
  • How to start investment in MF
  • Regulatory framework in India
  • How to Calculate NAV and return
  • How to understand terminology
  • Live case studies and Example
  • Clearing & Settlement of MF
  • Online buying procedure of MF

Options Trading Advanced Module

  • Introduction to option strategy
  • How to use option strategy in live market
  • How to hedge your position with option strategy
  • How can reduce your loss from trading & enjoy fearfully trading
  • How to make cheap your investment by using option strategy: long straddle, Short straddle, Collar, Covered call/put
  • How to set combination of strategy

Depository Operations Module

  • Overview of NSDL operational program
  • How services are take place in market and what is role of NSDL in it.
  • Special services offered by NSDL
  • Duties & responsibility of a broker and depository to investor
  • What are the data back up system in NSDL/CDSL

Equity Research Module

  • Introduction to Equity Research
  • Tool and techniques of research
  • Valuation of equity share
  • Methods of Equity Research
  • How to understand fundamental analysis
  • Concept of Technical Analysis
  • Business terminology of Equity Research

Banking Sector Module

  • Introduction to banking market
  • Banking and economy
  • Bank deposit ,nomination
  • Banking insurance
  • Bank - Customer Relationship
  • NPA and Securitisation
  • Regulatory Framework (Part 1)
  • Finance Inclusion

Wealth Management Module

  • Introduction: Financial Planning
  • Introduction to SIP,SWP,STP
  • Risk and Return Analysis
  • Wealth Management & the Economy
  • Economic Cycles and Indicaters
  • Investment & Risk Management
  • Investment Products & Services
  • Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation
  • Elements of Taxation

Financial Services Marketing

  • Introduction to Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)
  • Major issue in Financial Services
  • Overview of Financial Services Sector with focus on various Financial Product
  • Features of Financial Services
  • What to do and don't do in market
  • Regulatory framework of Financial Service in India.

Back Office Operations Module

  • Introduction of duties and responsibility of back office associate
  • How to understand operational issues of primary and secondary market
  • Understand post trade activity of market
  • Know the procedure of clearing and settlement.

Surveillance in Stock Exchanges Module

  • Introduction to surveillance in stock exchange
  • Importance and scope of surveillance
  • To learn the role of surveillance in risk management.
  • Understand the concept of corporate governance

Compliance Officers (Brokers) Module

  • Overview of compliances in office.
  • To understand the statutes pertaining to the securities market.
  • To learn about the rules, regulations and bye-laws of the exchanges.
  • To understand the SEBI guidelines.
  • Legal formalties for trading.

Compliance Officers (Corporates)

  • How to Understand the corporate compliancet.
  • To know the provision of listing agreement.
  • Indroduction to companies act 1956
  • To learn depository act
  • Money laundering activity
  • KYC guideline

Mergers and Acquisitions Module

  • How to understand merger and acquisition.
  • Scheme of Compromise, Arrangement or Re-construction
  • Buy-back of Securities
  • Permitted Methods of Buy-back
  • Substantial Acquisition of Shares & Takeovers
  • De-listing of Equity Shares
  • Taxation, Accounting for Mergers & Acquisitions

Corporate Governance Module

  • Understand the concept of Corporate Governance Module.
  • To understand the clause 49 of the listing agreement.
  • To know about the disclosure and reporting requirements for companies.
  • Disclosure requirements; Reporting requirements; Related party transactions.
  • Compliance of conditions of the listing agreement with respect to corporate governance.

Macroeconomics for Financial Market Module

  • Basic understanding of various macroeconomic concepts
  • Inflation and Interest rate
  • National Income and accounting
  • Government and Fiscal policy
  • Money and monetary authority
  • The External Sector: Open Economy Macroeconomics
  • Financial Markets
  • Regulatory Institutions in India
  • How to save money and utilize it.

Issue Management Module

  • Overview of issue can be face in market
  • Legal issue in Indian Financial Market
  • How to overcome issues
  • How to improve relationship with client
  • How to adhere the guideline of regulator
  • To know the pros and cons of market

Commercial Banking in India : Beginner's

  • To understand fundamental of banking
  • Understand banking code and ethics
  • How to know basic banking services
  • How to swot analysis of organization
  • Banking structure in India
  • Relationship between bank and customer

Mutual Funds: Beginners' Module

  • Introduction to Mutual Fund
  • How Mutual fund work
  • Regulatory framework in India
  • How to buy mutual fund
  • Entry and Exit procedure
  • How to select from alternatives
  • What to do and don`t

Financial Markets: Beginners' Module

  • Basic understand of market
  • Introduction of participant in market
  • Investment concept a myth or science
  • Product available for investment
  • How to real financial newspaper
  • Terminology of market
  • Career aspect in the market

Currency Market beginners' Module

  • Introduction to currency market
  • What is derivative, currency derivatives
  • Future and option of currency
  • Trading of currency, how happen
  • Clearing and settlement of currency
  • Role of RBI in the market
  • Regulatory framework in india

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